words of wisdom:

"Eileen is one of the sharpest and funniest people I have ever worked with. She is extremely collaborative and would be an asset to any job. She approaches everything with integrity and an incredible work ethic, and makes it better simply by being a part of it."

-Kate Lambert, 'Teachers'

"Eileen is such a great director, phenomenal writer, and a dope ass comedic actress. She also brings a lot of what gets left out of America nowadays: genuine goofiness. Which is always a good time and always needed and appreciated."

-Rashida 'Sheedz' Olayiwola, 'Insecure'

"The sharpest and quickest person I've ever met. Plus, she's a great hang...which is EVERYTHING."

-Mike Glazer,  'Billy on the Street'

"Eileen is so funny and ascerbic, but you can feel the satire coming from a great big heart."

-Rob Belushi, 'Ballers' and 'The Off Season'

"I was lost as sea and Eileen Montelione found me...a sandwich."

-Sam Richardson, 'Detroiters' and 'Veep'

"Eileen is one of my favorite funny people on earth, and is also a true nightmare because of her insane use of puns. I'm really such a fan of her as a writer and performer and human being." 

-Cecily Strong, 'Saturday Night Live'